Since the Covid-19 crisis began, it’s been our priority to keep in communication with our tenants and keep everyone updated on how the health-related guidelines and protocols affect your living space as well as the safety of our staff. Each month brings with it progress, new information and adjustments on to how safely interact within our community.

We ask all of our tenants to continue wearing masks in all of the common areas of their buildings.

Hayes Properties will continue to do our very best to support the safety of our tenants. We are prioritizing cleaning including all common areas, entrance doors and laundry rooms.


Please submit maintenance requests through our resident portal. We ask your patience for non-emergency repairs. While they may be an inconvenience in the short term, the safety of our tenants and staff is our highest priority and we are abiding by the State and City’s order to social distance in non-essential circumstances.

Many residents have been diligent about wiping down surfaces in their homes and at the building. We appreciate your efforts and extend our thanks. We ask that all paper towels and wipes (including flushable wipes) be discarded in the trash rather than in toilets.

Contacting Hayes Properties

The main office will continue to be closed to non-essential staff or visitors. Please communicate by e-mail, phone, or via the online maintenance request form. Only pre-approved appointments that arrange for key pick up or similar items that you’ve arranged with your Property Manager will be permitted. Please refer to our website for further information and resources.

Rent Payments

Please consider signing up for autopayments through our website. Checks may be dropped off in our drop box, located on the right side of the entrance to our office, or mailed to us at:

4043 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 210
Chicago, IL 60613

Many residents have questions regarding their rent. Please email your property manager to discuss your concerns.

Additional Resources

Chicago Resident Resources – The Greater Ravenswood Chamber is a tremendous resource for regularly updated information and links that could assist each situation.

Alderman Matt Martin’s Resource Page – Chicago’s 47th Ward offers information and help to residents.

Best Practices for Tenants

Out of respect and safety for others that share space in your building, please follow each guideline below:

  1. We recommend you adhere to the CDC recommendation to wear a face covering while in a common area of the building, office, or if social distancing cannot be adhered to.
  2. All tenants are to respect the 6 foot distancing rule to keep appropriate space between you and others. This includes the lobby/mail area and laundry rooms.
  3. Provide space when passing in the hallway or stairwells. If your building has an elevator, please limit use to one person at a time.
  4. Please continue to take the precautions issued by the CDC and State of Illinois regarding self-monitoring and tracking symptoms, self-isolating and consistent washing of hands and commonly used surfaces.

Public Health Recommendations

We continue to rely on the guidance and recommendations from the Chicago Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the National Centers for Disease Control to inform our decisions and plans. As we all continue to look for answers, we encourage you to look to local, state and federal authorities as your source for information. You can stay up to date on COVID-19 through the following resources:

Please reach out to your Property Manager with specific questions.