Ravenswood Events Center

Ravenswood Events Center
4021 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, USA
- Event Space

In the heart of the Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago, is a collection of buildings that stretches from Belle Plaine Ave on the north to Irving Park Road on the south and across the alley to Hermitage Ave. In the early 1920’s this factory was home to the Manz Printing and Engraving Company. Look at any magazine advertisement during the twenties and thirties and there is a good chance the graphics and printing were produced by the Manz Company.

As part of their services, the company also printed billboard advertisements. This process took place in the third floor atrium where a full sized billboard was located (hence the 45′ high ceilings) and artists produced the images which were taken to the job site and applied on the billboard. With the advent of sophisticated photography methods after World War II, printing and engraving companies were no longer in demand and the company went out of business in the late 1950’s.

Hayes Properties has fully restored the atrium and surrounding floors that since 2008 have open for public functions.

Please see our website www.ravenswoodeventcenter.com or call 773-388-2170.

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